Spaces of Birth and Death

Spaces of Birth and Death aims to expand philosophical attention to the beginning and end of life by investigating the spaces in which we encounter these transitional moments. Traditional approaches have tended to focus on highly abstract ethical questions or legal regulations. The project proposes a new approach, focusing specifically on ethical and design questions around beginning and end-of-life care. It is a collaboration between academic architects, political philosophers and academic medical practitioners, such as nurses, doctors, midwives, death/birth doulas and hospice staff.

The project intends to develop a philosophical framework for understanding how key human values, such as autonomy, freedom of association and well-being, are distinctively promoted or hindered by the spaces in which we are born or die. It will allow for the evaluation of existing architectural or urban arrangements and policy tools to help architects and planners make informed choices when designing such spaces in the future. 

For more detailed information, visit Urban Depth and Autonomy.

Giving birth in the hospital.

Project Details

Project team
Transformation funding September 22 – July 23.
September 2022 – present (ongoing)