Projects and partners

Current and recently completed projects

  • Development of national references for skeletal muscle mass in UK children and youths
  • Evaluation of meal replacement on glycaemic control and weight loss in patients with type 2 diabetes
  • Evaluation of the impact of obesity on foot structure and dimensions in children and youths
  • Development of a field-based anthropometric tool to quantify upper leg skeletal muscle mass
  • Evaluation of skeletal muscle mass and strength on cardiometabolic disease risk
  • Evaluation of the impact of south Asian and African-Caribbean ethnicities on body composition in children and youths
  • Development of body composition reference charts for children and youths from minority ethnic backgrounds
  • Evaluation of the impact of growth patterns across childhood and adolescence on risk for overweight and obesity
  • Dietary interventions for sarcopenia in older adults
  • Abdominal obesity across the lifecourse and cardiometabolic disease
  • Development of waist circumference and body fat references in children and youths
  • Evaluation of measures of obesity in growing children undergoing weight management intervention

Research projects and funding, 2020–21

  • Transformation Fund, London Metropolitan University: £19,790 to support a study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a diet and lifestyle programme delivered in the workplace, involving 28 fire stations in London, proposing to expand this to the other 75 stations in London and potentially to a national level in the next five years.
    Investigators: Dr Dee Bhakta, Greg Lessons, Afshan Aghili, Professor David McCarthy