What can the language lens do for Business and Management Studies?

31 March 2023

In her talk Dr Sylwia Ciuk, Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies at Oxford Brookes Business School, focused on the opportunities offered by adopting the language lens to advance Business and Management Studies. She drawn on her published work, as well as papers in preparation, to highlight how language-sensitive studies can shed light on a range of well-established strands of work, such as organisational change, micropolitics as well as diversity and inclusion. In her talk Sylwia also considered methodological challenges, and opportunities, of conducting language-sensitive studies. Finally, she pointed out avenues for future research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Sylwia is currently working on two research projects: ‘The translation of inclusive leadership practices across languages and cultures’ (funded by the British Academy of Management and the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies) as well as ‘The pathways to organisational inclusion among recent home and international graduates: a multisensory mapping perspective’ funded by the British Academy. Sylwia serves on the International Editorial Board of Management Learning and the Central European Management Journal. She is also part of the Editorial Reviewer Board of the Journal of Global Mobility and the Program Board of the Polish journal ‘Studia i Materialy’. Sylwia is a member of the British Academy of Management Peer Review College as well as the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships Peer Review College. She has published in a range of leading journal such as Human Relations, British Journal of Management, Human Resource Management Journal, Work, Employment and Society and Management Learning.

  • Speaker: Dr Sylwia Ciuk is a Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies at Oxford Brookes Business School, where she also serves as the Deputy Head of the Doctoral Programmes. She is a sociologist and linguist by background. Sylwia’s work focuses on two broad themes: organisational change, especially the translation of practices (e.g. values, leadership) across languages and cultures as well as language diversity and interlingual translation in multinational organisations. Sylwia has carried out multiple qualitative research projects in multinational organisations and in the public sector, across a range of national contexts. To more effectively explore complex research questions, she often builds in innovative research methods into her research designs.
a black and white portrait of Dr Sylwia Ciuk

Photo: Dr Sylwia Ciuk

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What can the language lens do for Business and Management Studies?

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