LamQ+ in the media

LamQ+ featured in the second episode of the Lambeth Links Listens podcast

Dr Karyofyllis (Lakis) Zervoulis was a guest of the Lambeth Links Listens podcast and talked about background, context and the progress of the LamQ+ project.

Lakis discussed some of the challenges involved in researching diverse communities with multiple needs, including approaching the respondents in inclusive and non-discriminatory ways. He highlighted the input of the non-governmental organisations, such as Lambeth Links in the work of the advisory group and development of the pilot questionnaire. 

The content of the survey was also discussed, encouraging the audience to participate in the study.

Lambeth Links is an umbrella body for LGBTQ+ organisations in Lambeth, providing a forum for a local LGBTQ+ community.

You can find more information on the Lambeth Links website and listen to the episode on the Morley Radio website.

Logo of the local non-governmental organisation Lambeth Links