PhD research topics

The Centre is actively engaged in the various research areas, and some of the previous topics are listed below.

We welcome your suggestions, but we will need to discuss them with you to assess their feasibility for PhD research. Once you have identified a suitable research topic, please indicate it in your application form.

Microwave Wireless Systems

  • Reconfigurable microwaves devices for next generation of communications systems
  • Techniques to suppress spurii in devices such as filters for electromagnetic compatible (EMC) systems
  • Photonic band-gap (PBG) miniature devices
  • Microstrip resonators for frequency selective applications using fractal Metamaterial devices
  • Efficient high-power RF amplifiers
  • Ultra-broadband amplifiers
  • RF high power amplifier design technique for cellular base-stations
  • Ultra-low noise tuneable reference oscillators with low phase noise
  • Broad tuning low noise voltage controlled oscillators (VCO)
  • Efficient low-noise oscillators
  • Linear broadband highly efficient power amplifiers
  • Multimode filters
  • Ultra-broadband frequency discriminating devices
  • UWB microstrip antennas

Digital Signal Processing

  • Modelling and simulating device and circuit nise in the time domain
  • Theoretical and simulation study of s-domain to z-domain transforms with special reference to modelling and design of discrete-time signal processing systems
  • Z-domain delay subcircuits and compact verilog-a macromodels for mixed-mode sampled data circuit simulation
  • Adaptive subcircuits and compact verilog-a macromodels as integrated design and analysis blocks in QUCS circuit simulation

Wireless Networks

  • Security mechanism reference and model for intrusion detection systems in wireless LANs
  • Integrated quality-of-service differentiation over IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs
  • Resource allocation in hybrid macro/femto networks
  • Outage probability analysis for collocated spectrum-sharing macrocell and femtocells
  • System software support for router fault tolerance

PhD students

 Research and postgraduate students
Research and postgraduate students


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Research students with their robotic hardware