The Common Mill: Constructing a new model for a localised fashion industry

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Thursday 15 April, from 4.30pm to 5.30pm

With the launch of Earth Logic and the Fashion Values programme, many academics are highlighting the importance of embedded community production for a sustainable fashion future. This talk will unpack a vision for a localised fashion economy rooted in the anti-extractivist discourse of the commons.

Whilst studying the Design for the Cultural Commons MA, entrepreneur and designer; Alice Holloway, has been building networks in Brixton, in order to bring to life a new model for fashion design and manufacture embedded in social empowerment and planetary care. The work’s intention and logic is based on care as a measure of success. A means to create fashion that properly honours the body of the wearer, whilst expressing gratitude to the skilled makers, and natural systems that bring the symbolic and functional elements of clothing to life.

This project ‘The Common Mill’ is rooted in tangible practises of growing, spinning, weaving, dyeing, cutting, fitting, sewing and wearing; with emphasis on community wealth building, and common pool access to resources that can drive forward pro-planet technologies and knowledge bases; Hubs of shared power that have been undermined and degraded by current fashion production within our destructive market lead socio-economic system.

Alice runs the commons-based underwear company Little Black Pants Club in Brixton-London.

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Date/time Thursday 15 April, from 4.30pm to 5.30pm
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