Isha Bøhling

Artist-in-residence at The Cass.

Isha Bøhling

Dates: 1 October until 8 November 2018

Introduction: Thursday 4 October, 2pm to 4pm. Lecture Studio, Ground floor, Calcutta Small Annexe. Open to all.

Workshop #1: Thursday 11 October. Second floor, Calcutta Small Annexe. Open to L5 BA Fine Art students only.

Workshop #2: Thursday 18 October. Second floor, Calcutta Small Annexe. Open to L5 BA Fine Art students only.

Workshop #3: Thursday 25 October. Second floor, Calcutta Small Annexe. Open to L5 BA Fine Art students only.

Finissage: Thursday 8 November, 4-7pm. Open Field Studio, Second floor, Calcutta Small Annexe. Open to all.

Artist’s statement

Isha Bøhling’s work reveals or re-imagines untold narratives recovering past resonances, whilst searching for structures, histories and underlying patterns. It becomes a process of excavation that manifests itself through drawing using painting, objects, sound, video, and music and songs that the artist writes and performs herself.

Outdated everyday objects and materials are transformed into musical instruments and surfaces to project upon, often forming a feedback loop in which the object becomes the instrument that both contains and generates the sound work. Bøhling recuperates fragments of possible narratives surrounding the history of the chosen items.

Her paintings investigate meaning in pattern, randomness becomes ordered through an obsession to find structure in much the same way as random sound becomes music in the installation work. Seeing her paintings as fragments of the meaning of the ‘bigger picture’ becomes almost obsolete. It defies classification but is continually being excavated in the attempt to construct meaning. For Bøhling it is about being at the threshold of ‘knowing’.


Isha Bøhling is a British Danish artist based in London. She has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, most recently at The London Open: Whitechapel Gallery, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen. Dilston Grove, London; Kunstraum Baden, Zurich, Pierogi Gallery, New York, the Soap Factory, Minneapolis, the Recoleta Museum, Buenos Aires, Rua Sympatica, São Paulo Brazil. She was shortlisted for the East London Painting Prize in 2014 and participated in the Guangju Bienale, South Korea. Isha graduated with an MA in Fine Arts from St Martins in 2002.

Image credit:
(L) Symphony, acrylic and mixed media on wood. 35cm x 35xm.
(R) Magnetic Dust, record on mail-a-voice, perspex wood, speakers, headphones, song and music written and performed and recorded on the device.

Isha Bøhling's work


Dates 1 October until 1 November 2018
Introduction Thursday 4 October, 2pm to 4pm
Finissage Thursday 8 November, 4pm to 7pm
Location Calcutta Small Annexe 
Calcutta House
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