Migrations #1 – Ektoras Arkomanis

Ektoras Arkomanis: Work / Memories of Work (2016)

Work/Memories of Work (2016) is a diptych piece filmed in a tannery in Eleonas, Athens, where work is carried out under the intense smell of skin and incessant machine noise. Against this visceral work routine, the film sets off images of industrial ruins in the surrounding area, which point towards a future when work will eventually disappear. The talk will consider how film can describe such displacements drawing from the material (ruins) to describe the ineffable (memories of work), without necessarily attempting to reconcile them.


Work / Memories of Work (2016)

Ektoras Arkomanis is a senior lecturer in History and Theory of Architecture at London Metropolitan University and a filmmaker. His research and writing revolves around cities in films. He is currently making his second feature film, A Season in Eleonas (working title).

Image: Ektoras Arkomanis, Work / Memories of Work (2016).

Work / Memories of Work (2016)
Date/Time Thursday 2 March 2017, 6.30pm
Location The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
Room CE1–19 Central House
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Publication New Cinema and the City: Migrations