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The Aldgate Project is a cross-disciplinary project that sees students of art, architecture and design working on a series of projects based in and in response to the area of Aldgate. Tutors and students are carrying out projects that work with local community groups, charities and stakeholders in the Aldgate area. 

All of the individual creative projects seek to engage with local groups, expanding beyond the confines of the studio space and setting out to see the School being better connected with the surrounding area of Aldgate and Whitechapel.

In October 2011 we organised The Launch, a day-long event that introduced over 400 students and tutors to the project. Presentations were made by a number of invited speakers who offered an insight into the area of Aldgate – the ongoing regeneration of the area and the urban and creative context. Talks were given by Lucy Musgrave of Publica, Mark Brearley of Design for London, illustrator Lucinda Rogers, curator and design editor Aidan Walker, Maggied Pinhorn of Alternative Arts and Steve McAdam of Fluid master planning, architecture and urban design. The talks can be watched on film via the project-dedicated website.

Throughout the year the area of Aldgate has been discussed in a number of open events. In collaboration with the public space consultancy Publica a series of guided walks were led around the area of Aldgate, each exploring a specific theme and guided by an invited expert in that field, and in Semester 1 co-organised an Aldgate lecture series.

To celebrate the project as it developed work produced by students of jewellery, interior design, media, spatial planning and urban design, architecture and textiles went on display in February in The Bank space in Central House. Students, staff and visitors were invited to view one anothers work, with an afternoon private view with tea and cake. The exhibition marked the half-way point for the 2011/12 phase of this year-long project.

More can be found at the project-dedicated website:

Work-in-progress show


 Brick Lane studies
Brick Lane Studies Aldgate Project

Yr. 1 BA Architecture and Interior Architecture 

 The Launch
The Launch Introducing the Aldgate Project

Introducing the Aldgate Project 

 Aldgate Project Cross-crit
Aldgate Project Unit 5 Presentation

Unit 5 presentation 

 Aldgate Project Cross-crit
Aldgate Project Cross-crit Unit 5 critic discussion

Unit 5 critic discussion 

 Aldgate Project Cross-crit
Aldgate Project Cross-crit FdA Interior Design presentation

FdA Interior Design presentation 

 Yr. 1 East London FEAST
Anna Pizova - Designing the Picnic

Anna Pizova - Designing the picnic 

 The Power of Making
The power of making pop up exhibition aldgate project

FEAST pop-up exhibition 

 Brick Lane studies
Brick Lane studies

Yr. 1 Architecture and Interior Design 

 Propositions for Brick Lane
Propositions for Brick Lane Aldgate Project

Yr. 1 Architecture and Interior Design 

 Unmapping the body - Aldgate walking
Meglena Dimitrova Aldgate Project

Meglena Dimitrova 

 Projected street art - Media practice: Animation
Paul Thorpe Aldgate Project

Paul Thorpe 

 Aldgate Project walks
Aldgate Project walks Super Local by Anna Aapola

Super Local by Anna Aapola 

 Work-in-progress exhibition
MA Spatial Planning and Urban Design display Aldgate Project

MA Spatial Planning and Urban Design display 

 Work-in-progress exhibition
Public display of work ALdgate Project

Public display of work 

 Work in Progress exhibition
The Aldgate Project

Public display of work 

 Work in Progress exhibition
Work in Progress exhibition Display in The Bank Aldgate Project

Display in The Bank 

 Clerkenwell Design Week
Clerkenwell Design Week Aldgate Project

BA Interior Design at Humanscale 

 Judging panel at Clerkenwell Design Week
Judging panel at Clerkenwell Design Week BA Interior Design at Humanscale

BA Interior Design at Humanscale 

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