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The Cass ‘Made in Hayes’ cross school projects started in 2012/13, and Studios across the Schools of Art, Architecture and Design have continued to build on their work in the Hayes area since then.

During the first year of the projects, Cass Schools of Art, Architecture and Design inhabited a vacant shop on the High Street. The Made in Hayes ‘shop’ was used as a hub, and exhibited projects including work from the ex EMI factory, current local industries, and a local housing estate; the projects brought representations of both past and present Hayes’ communities to the everyday working context of Hayes High Street.

Since then, projects have continued to work local communities by building on historic and contemporary narratives. These groups have included Austin Estate residents, YMCA Clients who are Not in Education Employment or Training, and Volunteers from Hillingdon Play Association. A Sewing Club that was initiated in 2014 by Architecture Studio 3 Student Susan Kudo has received ongoing funding from the Hillingdon Community Trust to expand, and is officially constituted as a group.

Sites and Clients have been developed throughout the projects. This year Architecture Studio 3 is working with Clubs they initiated last year from the Austin Estate, alongside the communities in the backyards of the High Street. The students continue to present their projects to local organisations and council representatives.

Jewellery and Silversmithing Bespoke and Make Studio continue to produce work for Client groups in Hayes. This year the Studio worked with the EMI Archive Centre and produced pieces to reflect songs that were pressed by the EMI Record Factory in Hayes. Their work was displayed along with links to the songs at the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery in Southbank, London.

The ongoing impact of the projects and the way they have developed through working in Hayes has demonstrated the flexible and inventive ways that art, architecture and design Students work to engage, to represent and to enable local communities through social and physical impacts. Projects are ongoing, and opportunities for further live projects are welcomed. Please contact: Jen Ng.

Man standing on the streets of Hayes