Calcutta Annexe Mural

A mural designed by Jacob V Joyce has been installed on Calcutta Annexe.

A new public artwork, chosen by the local community, has been unveiled on the Calcutta Annexe building at Pomell Way.

Tower Hamlets Council partnered with Whitechapel Gallery, to invite local artists to submit design concepts that reflected the area's unique history. Through a set of community consultations, Whitechapel Gallery shortlisted three local artists. Their designs were then shared with members of the public, who voted for their favourite.

Jacob V Joyce's work, titled Nourishing Disruptions, was the winner of the vote. One voter noted that they felt Joyce's concept “represents the local area, champions youth and creativity and points positively to the future”.

Alongside this mural, new artwork by Bob and Roberta Smith, titled Art Makes People Powerful, will be installed on the roof of London Metropolitan University's bridge, across Old Castle Street.

Calcutta Annexe Mural


The Whitechapel Gallery
Tower Hamlets

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