Yudai Sato

Yudai Sato worked for a non-profit organisation in Japan for five years before coming to London Met. Among his responsibilities at his previous work, he enjoyed interpreting the most, so he decided that he would like to become a freelance interpreter and applied to study the MA Conference Interpreting at London Met.

He was also interested in obtaining a master’s-level qualification because he wanted to be able to teach English at universities once he returns to Japan.

London Metropolitan University is the only UK institution which offers the MA Conference Interpreting for Japanese and English – and therefore choosing to apply to London Met was the natural choice. Yudai really enjoys the course. “The course is fantastic and I am absolutely satisfied. The environment is truly international and just by attending each class I have learnt so much from my international colleagues.”

Yudai has already received some freelance interpreting jobs, thanks to introductions from his tutors. He says that “they have been fantastic experiences which have all helped me to become more employable and skilled on graduation”.

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Yudai Sato photo