Dr Zhanyuan Hou

Dr Hou's main research interest is in the area of ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems.

Dr Zhanyuan Hou smiles to camera as he poses against a grey background.


Dr Zhanyuan Hou

Dr Zhanyuan Hou is a senior lecturer and holds a PhD (title of the thesis: A Class of Functional Differential Equations of Mixed Type), a MSc (stability theory of ordinary differential equations), a BSc (equivalent), and a Postgraduate Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education.

Professional affiliation

  • London Mathematical Society

Dr Hou's main research interest is in the area of ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems. In particular, he has been interested in asymptotic and qualitative behaviour of differential equations arising from ecological and biological models and qualitative theory of autonomous systems. Dr Hou is currently working on global asymptotic behaviour of discrete and continuous biological systems.

Publications since 2009

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Email: z.hou@londonmet.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)20 7133 4582