Dr Sakina Poonawala

Sakina is a lecturer in banking, accounting and finance at our Guildhall School of Business and Law.

She is the course leader for our Economics and Finance BSc and Banking and Finance BSc courses.

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More about Dr. Sakina Poonawala

Prior to joining London Metropolitan University, Sakina worked as a research and content head and mentor in an educational start-up in India. She has three years of internship experience working in a mid-size chartered accountancy firm in Mumbai, and has participated in internal audit and consultancy assignments with clients from diverse industries including a leading Indian bank, private equity funds, shipping and manufacturing industries.

Sakina has taught advanced accountancy to the Master's of Commerce students at Nirmala Memorial Foundation College in Mumbai for a term. She also has experience as a teaching assistant at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

Sakina obtained a PhD in Finance and Accounting from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in 2019. She is also an Associate Chartered Accountant with the 39th and 36th merit ranks at the all-India level in the final and intermediary exams respectively.

Sakina’s research interests are broadly in financial accounting and corporate governance.

Her specific research interests include:

  • Accounting manipulation techniques
  • Role of corporate governance measures in businesses and, in particular, on the Board of Directors
  • Role of firm life cycle
  • Impact of accounting standards, policies and related regulations
  • Poonawala, S. H., & Nagar, N. (2019), Gross profit manipulation through classification shifting, Journal of Business Research, 94, 81-88

Dr Sakina Poonawala
Lecturer in Banking, Accounting and Finance
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