Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson is a specialist in the field of leadership, teamwork and organizational development. She has worked with hundreds of leaders from board level to future talent in the public and private sector as well as social enterprise, not for profit and entrepreneurs for over 10 years.

Her background as a commercial lawyer in London and Australia gave her a first hand understanding of the pressures of modern leadership. She is the author of ‘Developing High Performing Teams’, ‘Conscious Leadership’ and co-author of  ‘Global Public Health – The Leaders of Tomorrow’.

Her work is breaking new ground in leadership and organizational development because she brings together a range of previously separated fields of wisdom:

  • The business world – how to get financial growth
  • Organizational development – the need for learning cultures
  • Psychology – classic thought patterns and the effects these have on self esteem and confidence in leaders
  • Group dynamics – how humans work effectively in teams
  • Politics – the use of political behaviour in organizations
  • Mind, body, spirit – the whole system approach to human experience
  • Stages of human consciousness – the performance and effect of leaders with different mindsets


Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson
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