Parmjit Kaur

Dr Parmjit Kaur is Head of Economics and Operations Management at Guildhall School of Business & Law.

More about Parmjit Kaur

Dr Parmjit Kaur is a Associate Professor and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) and has over 35 years experience in HEIs, gaining a wealth of experience in academic leadership, management and consultancy in the area of Problem Structuring Methods (PSMs).

My main teaching areas are Macroeconomics and International Trade on the Economics programmes and Strategic Management on postgraduate programmes.

At national and international level, I have a reputation in research into Problem Structuring Methods (PSMs) an area that falls under the broad umbrella of Soft Operational Research (OR). Within PSMs my work is specific to Group Decision and Negotiation (GDN), where I have international publications showing a commitment to professional development and evidence-based practice with respect to research and consultancy in this field.

  • Kaur, P (2021) Hearing Voices that Matter Using Novel Problem-Structuring Methods: How Meaningful Learning and Dual Facilitation Transformed Strategic Performance in a Healthcare Business (kept confidential) Impact Case REF 2021.
  • Kaur P, Carreras A, Group Decision and Negotiation Journal [Published online 10.04.2021]: Hearing the Participants’ Voice: Recognizing the Dimensions of Procedural and Interactional Justice by enabling their Determinants (31 pages): Group Decision and Negotiation Journal (J. No. 10726; Article No. 9732) published by Springer. DOI 10.1007/s10726-021-09732-3.
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  • Ausloos, M., Ma Q, Kaur, P., Syed, B., Dhesi, G. (2019) Duration Gap Analysis Revisited Method in Order to Improve Risk Management. The case of (Chinese) commercial bank interest rate risks after interest rate liberalization. Soft Computing Journal:
  • Kaur, P. and Carreras A. L (2018) “Capturing the Participants’ Voice: Using Causal Mapping supported by Group Decision Software to enhance Procedural Justice”.
    Published as book chapter (chapter 9) in the edited book of referred proceedings of the 18th International Conference of GDN 2018, in Lectures Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) a Springer publication. ISBN978-3-319-92873-9.
    This paper (2018) was awarded the GDN Springer Best Paper Award 2018. Previous award winners have all been leading authors in the field of Group Decision Negotiation;
  • KAUR, P. and CARRERAS A. L (2015) Understanding the links between the Determinants of Procedural Justice and Causal Mapping: Outcomes of Focus Group Workshops using facilitated Group Decision Software. GDN Conference, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. Printed in, The 15th International Conference on Group Decision and Negotiation Letters, Warsaw School of Economics Press, ISBN 978-83-7378-985-2.
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  • Kaur et al (1995) Financial Strategy – paper 14 – ACCA Textbook
    Published by Certified Accountants Educational Projects.

Refereed papers Edited Books:

Kaur (1998), “Remarks on International Monetary Arrangements and International Trade (Chapter 6)” in Economics and Politics of International Trade Vol. 2 (1998) Routledge.
Kaur (1998), “Remarks on Raw Materials in The History of Economic Policy (Chapter 28)” in Economics and Politics of International Trade Vol. 2 (1998) Routledge.
Kaur (1998), A study of The Korean Heavy Chemical and Industry Drive (1973-1980), evaluated in a New Trade Theory and Organisational Framework context. Conference Proceedings, Does Asian Management Matter, 1998 Hong Kong.

Dr Parmjit Kaur, Head of Economics and Operations Management, GSBL,