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Dr Nirmala Lee
Nirmala Lee

Dr Nirmala Lee

Dr Nirmala Lee was a senior banker and banking consultant at international banks for many years in London and elsewhere prior to joining the University. She has been a visiting lecturer at universities and bank training centres including at Doha, Nice and Poitiers. Nirmala has retained her links with the banking industry through her involvement with the Financial Services Authority (FSA)/National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)’s Financial Literacy Advisory Group, Financial Services Skills Council and other bodies, and through FSA (now FCA), she enabled the University to receive funding for developing a Personal Finance module. She has been responsible for the meeting of University and Industry by developing links with Standard Chartered Bank and the International Compliance Association (ICA).  

Nirmala was an invited Panel Speaker at the G20 Think-Tank T20 Forum, she has given interviews for Zhejiang Television, China and for the BBC World Service on Forex rigging.  She has presented papers internationally in the USA, Cuba, Spain, Czech Republic, India, Hong Kong and Cyprus. A gold medallist from her master’s programme, and a PhD from the University of London, she is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA), and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (FCIB).

Dr. Lee's teaching expertise includes commercial and investment banking, financial regulation and compliance, empirical research in banking and finance, bank lending, personal finance and financial markets. She coordinated HE policy and strategy as Executive Officer to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.


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Dr. Nirmala Lee,
Associate Professor and Head of Subject (Accounting, Banking and Finance)