Dr Nicolas Cambridge
Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing
Dr Nicolas Cambridge, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing

Dr Nicolas Cambridge

Dr. Nicolas Cambridge graduated with a degree in fashion design from a major London art school, Nicolas relocated to Japan in order to study the martial art of kendo. Freelance work in a variety of roles in the creative industries preceded the founding of an experimental design studio, producing outcomes for exhibitions and gallery installations.

Returning to the UK he was able to examine his experiences within the framework of a Master's degree undertaken in an A*-rated sociology department, followed by doctoral studies at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. He has published on a variety of fashion-related topics, including design history, creative practice, representation and visual/material culture.  

Research interests: fashion history, theory and representation; Orientalism; creative practice. Affiliations: Events, Marketing and Creative Media Industries research group (Guildhall School of Business and Law) and the Centre for Creative Arts, Culture and Engagement (SAAD).
Module Leader: Contextualising Fashion; Fashion Frameworks; Fashion Business (L4). Fashion Buying & Merchandising (L5). Global Issues in Fashion Markets (L6)
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Dr Nicolas Cambridge
Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing