Mehryar Adibpour

Mehryar Adibpour is Head of Communications Technology and Mathematics for the School of Computing and Digital Media.

A representation of Mehryar Adibpour, a geometry lesson on a blackboard

Mehryar Adibpour

Mehryar Adibpour gained a BA, MSc, and MPhil in Mathematics. He also holds a TLHE Advanced Diploma in Professional Development and SEDA Accreditation.

Mehryar is Head of Communications Technology and Mathematics and additionally acts as an Accessibility Coordinator and Personal Academic Adviser.

Mehryar holds expertise in the areas of non-linear dynamical systems exhibiting chaotic behaviour and blended learning.

Publications since 2008

  • Blended Teaching using MyMathLab, (Mehryar Adibpour , David Brown and Pargat Calay, London Metropolitan University)
  • MSOR Connections newsletter (in progress)
  • How to design Scientific Questions in WebLearn containing Mathematical Symbols, Images and Calculations, (Mehryar Adibpour, David Brown School of Computing Website 2009)
  • WebLearn Simple to use instruction Manual, (disseminated to London Met computing staff Mehryar Adibpour 2009)

Room: T9-04, Tower Building

Phone: +44 (0)20 7133 4354


Availability: Mondays 2.30pm - 3.30pm in room T9-04