Mehryar Adibpour

Mehryar Adibpour is a principal lecturer in Mathematics for the School of Computing and Digital Media.

A representation of Mehryar Adibpour, a geometry lesson on a blackboard

Mehryar Adibpour

Mehryar Adibpour gained a BA, MSc, and MPhil in Mathematics. He also holds a TLHE Advanced Diploma in Professional Development and SEDA Accreditation.

Mehryar is a Principal Lecturer in Mathematics and additionally acts as an Accessibility Coordinator and Personal Academic Adviser.

Mehryar holds expertise in the areas of non-linear dynamical systems exhibiting chaotic behaviour and blended learning.

Publications since 2008

  • Blended Teaching using MyMathLab, (Mehryar Adibpour , David Brown and Pargat Calay, London Metropolitan University)
  • MSOR Connections newsletter (in progress)
  • How to design Scientific Questions in WebLearn containing Mathematical Symbols, Images and Calculations, (Mehryar Adibpour, David Brown School of Computing Website 2009)
  • WebLearn Simple to use instruction Manual, (disseminated to London Met computing staff Mehryar Adibpour 2009)

Room: T9-04, Tower Building

Phone: +44 (0)20 7133 4354


Availability: Mondays 2.30pm - 3.30pm in room T9-04