Julia Crossley

Julia works as an academic mentor within the Guildhall School of Business and Law supporting foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students in maths and statistics.

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More about Julia Crossley

Julia studied Maths and Theoretical Physics MSc at Imperial College London. She has taught maths and statistics to students in secondary and tertiary education on science/engineering and social science/business pathways.

Her previous roles have included teaching maths to business, economics and science students at Level 3 and above, as well as co-managing a foundation programme.

Julia has also taken part in the course development for Level 3 courses in maths and statistics, and physical science. She's also helped to develop a Level 6 pre-masters short course in quantitative methods for research, for which she's also an external exam and assessment developer.

Julia's interests are in how students learn and process a subject that is highly applicable, yet deeply abstract in nature.

Her approach to teaching lies in striking a balance between a concept vs context approach in maths, with the ultimate aim that students will be able to use their understanding to recognise and make applications of their mathematical skills on their own.

Julia Crossley
Academic Mentor for Maths and Statistics
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