Dr Jennifer Newton

Jennifer is an associate lecturer, teaching on mental health and public health-related postgraduate modules.


Jennifer Newton

Jennifer Newton

Jennifer Newton is an experienced researcher, project manager, lecturer and academic manager. She began her career in the voluntary sector and in the Health Education Authority, on projects related to public health, mental health, primary care and on multi-agency working in community care. She joined London Met to teach across the health and social work areas on issues related to support planning, service delivery and management. The applied nature of the programmes and relevance to needed skills and expertise led to several core modules being commissioned by mental health trusts and local authorities – for example, on vocational rehabilitation, social work management, housing and inclusion.

Her early research and publications were influential in UK policy and were disseminated through national conferences organised by Jennifer in collaboration with the Department of Health, Royal Colleges and voluntary sector organisations. One of these was revised and updated and published as a new text in 2012, entitled Preventing Mental Ill-health: informing public health planning and mental health practice (Routledge).

Now retired from her last full-time senior management post at London Met, Jennifer teaches part-time here on mental health and public health-related postgraduate modules.

She has a BA, an MA and a PhD from Manchester University in psychology/education, a PGCE and a DipHE. She is a member of the Section of Preventive Psychiatry, the World Psychiatric Association and a reviewer of submissions to the British Journal of Social Work, and of funding applications to NIHR (the National Institute for Health Research).

Jennifer teaches students on the Initial Teacher Education programme, and those on a professional youth and community work programme, on mental health and wellbeing, and trauma-informed practice. She also teaches students of public health.

One of her later roles at London Met included work with criminology and policing, and in 2019 she (and colleagues from the now-closed John Grieve Centre) organised a one-day event here involving nearly 200 participants from local authorities, community groups, young people’s organisations and individuals, and senior police officers, to review progress after 20 years on the recommendations from the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. 

Formerly she was a Member of the Executive Committee, Westminster MIND, and Chair, Operations Committee, Mosaic Homes; and Chair of Good Practices in Mental Health (now closed).


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Dr Jennifer Newton
Associate Lecturer, School of Social Professions