Gordana Uzelac
Photo of a female Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Sociology, Gordana Uzelac

Gordana Uzelac

Gordana is a Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Sociology. She joined London Metropolitan University in 2002 after completing her PhD studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism at the London School of Economics.

She is teaching various modules on research methods, especially quantitative methods, sociological theory and ethnicity and nationalism at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Her main research areas, however include the formation of ethnic and national identities, the process of nation-formation and collective memory of the nation. 

Gordana's research projects include "International Human Rights and Fact Finding" carried out with HRSJ (funded by the Nuffield Foundation) and "Rape in the 21st Century: Old Behaviours, New Contexts and Emerging Patterns",  carried out with the Child & Woman Abuse Studies Unit (funded by ESRC).

She is a member of Editorial Board of the journal Nations and Nationalism.


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Gordana Uzelac
Course Leader for Psychology and Sociology BSc (Hons)
E: g.uzelac@londonmet.ac.uk