Ellada Larionidou

Ellada Larionidou is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing

Ellada Larionidou

Ellada is currently completing her PhD at London Metropolitan University, where she has also obtained her MSc in Criminology. She holds an undergraduate degree in Law (University of Westminster).

Ellada's main interest lies in organised crime groups, push and pull factors that influence their mobility across territories, as well as prison studies and criminal subcultures. She also enjoys teaching research methods, both qualitative and quantitative.

Ellada has been involved in a number of research projects, including a project on organised crime governance in London, by the University of Cambridge.

Ellada Larionidou

Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing

School of Social Sciences and Professions


Location: Holloway campus,TM2-20