Dr Jie Hao

Dr Jie Hao is a Research Student Coordinator. Jie’s current primary responsibilities include providing clear information to applicants, enquirers, students, and supervisors, developing and maintaining the research degree student environment, managing a postgraduate research degree training programme and supporting internal conferences and events.

portrait picture of Jie Hao

Dr Jie Hao

Before joining the Research andPostgraduate Office, Jie earned her PhD in Cultural Heritage from the University of Birmingham and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the China University of Geosciences. She has extensive experience in student management, teaching, and research, having served as a teaching assistant and research assistant. Additionally, Jie has completed an internship at the Heritage and Culture Department of Warwickshire County Council, UK.

Jie’s research interests focus on the role of heritage in place-making and identity formation in urban and rural contexts. She explores the perspectives and dynamics of local communities and their contribution to conservation and planning policy. Her doctoral research highlights the importance of rural contexts in heritage conservation, bridging the gap between local community perspectives and traditional practices in rural heritage. This work offers insights into how communities engage with the process of heritage authorisation, aligning with trends in rural decline, regeneration, heritage conservation and community participation. Jie also contributes as a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Cultural Policy.

Research Student Coordinator

Jie Hao

Email: j.hao@londonmet.ac.uk