Dr Mohammed Alaqad

Dr Alaqad is a Lecturer in Construction Management and Course Leader for MSc Construction Project Management.

Dr Alaqad standing outside by trees

Dr Mohammed Alaqad holds a BSc in civil egineering and an MSc in construction management. He boasts extensive experience as both a civil engineer and construction manager. Throughout his career, Dr Alaqad worked for various contractors, successfully overseeing the completion of several building and infrastructure projects. In addition to his fieldwork, he has provided valuable expertise to client teams, particularly within the non-governmental organisation sector, where he has supervised medium and large-scale projects.

Transitioning into academia, Dr Alaqad pursued a PhD in built environment at the University of Brighton and has taken on multiple roles, serving as a demonstrator, lecturer, and researcher. These diverse range of roles have enabled him to further expand his expertise and make contributions to the field. Dr Alaqad's combination of academic knowledge and practical experience emphasises his constant commitment to excellence and his dedication to advancing the fields of civil engineering and construction management.

Dr Alaqad has experience as an educator, primarily in the field of built environment subjects. His teaching roles have spanned various levels, including both individual and group, in different educational institutions.

Dr Alaqad's dynamic teaching style underlines the importance of personalised learning journeys for students, with a focus on developing each unique approach to study. He employs an innovative approach that blends creative teaching methods with the use of technology. This approach aims to motivate and guide students in discovering the most effective ways for them to learn and succeed in their learning journey .

Additionally, he has undertaken the task of restructuring modules and courses to ensure they align with institutional standards, industry benchmarks, and the specific needs of individual learners.

As a construction manager, Dr Alaqad's research focuses on efficiently using and combining various construction management systems. This helps ensure the successful completion of construction projects, while addressing important issues on both national and global scales.

These issues include reducing carbon emissions, tackling climate change, preserving the natural environment, integrating advanced technologies into the construction industry, addressing skill gaps, and promoting social value. His research approach involves collaborating with decision-makers, industry experts, and technology specialists, to develop optimal solutions to these exciting challenges.

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Dr Mohammed Alaqad
Course Leader for Construction Project Management