Dr Nipuni Sumanarathna

Dr Nipuni Sumanarathna is a Lecturer in quantity surveying at the School of the Built Environment.

Dr Nipuni Sumanarathna standing in front of trees and a building

Dr Nipuni Sumanarathna obtained her BSc degree in quantity surveying from the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka, later joining their Department of Building Economics as a temporary lecturer. Whilst in this position, she would teach quantity surveying and facilities management degree programmes.

In addition, Dr Sumamarathna has also worked as a visiting lectuere at the College of Quantity Surveying within the Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka. 

She later went on to conduct research for her doctorate in construction management at the University of Hong Kong. Before joining London Met, she worked as an assistant lecturer at the Institute of Vocational Education and as a research assistant at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong.

Nipuni has taught a wide range of subjects, including construction economics, measurement, construction procurement, and green knowledge and practices, in both Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

Nipuni currently teaches the following modules:

Journal publications:
• Sumanarathna, N., Duodu, B., Memon, S. A, & Rowlinson, S. (2023). Exploring innovation deployment of construction contracting firms through the lens of exploratory–exploitative learning: a Hong Kong case study, Construction Innovation, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
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Book chapter:
• Memon, S. A., Sumanarathna, N., & Adhikari, A. (2022). Improving Students’ Learning Experience Using Simulated Environments in Applied Degree Education in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. In Applied Degree Education and the Future of Learning (pp. 235-252). Springer, Singapore.

Conference paper publications:
• Lau, W. K., Sumanarathna, N., Yau, Y., Ho, D. C. W. and Tse, T. C. (2022) Developing machine learning models for building rehabilitation cost prediction. In Proceedings of 45th AUBEA 2022 Conference “Global Challenges in a Disrupted World: Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Approaches in the Built Environment”, 23-25 November 2022, Sydney, Australia.
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Dr Nipuni Sumanarathna 
Lecturer in Quantity Surveying
School of the Built Environment