London Met graduate's debut film released on all major streaming platforms

Daniel Glenn-Barbour’s first feature film ‘Yes-Man’ officially launches across streaming platforms.

Date: 3 August 2022

Daniel Glenn-Barbour, who graduated from London Met's Film and Broadcasting BA, has officially released his debut feature film ‘Yes-Man’ across well-known streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, iTunes, Chili, and more.

The film follows Darrell, a man struggling between a corporate internship, a grittier life on the streets of London, and the internal turmoil created by his life choices. Released in June 2022, Daniel’s film aims to inspire belief and ambition in his own community. “I want to inspire the youth to make intelligent choices that result in building an empire to fall back on when life gets hard.”

Daniel worked with a production team that included several London Met Alumni: Angelika Napierala, who graduated from London Met's Sports and Dance Therapy, was project manager and producer for the film; and Gareth Mort and Olivier Kitenge, both Theatre and Performance BA graduates, also starred as key cast members. Enrico Tessarin, who previously lectured at London Met also served as executive producer. Graduate Jake Yates served as director of photography,  Jonathan Clarke as music composer, and Daniel's ex classmate Marcus Sebastian Palmvig McNair was a co-produce.

The film production was no easy process, Daniel reflected afterwards saying: “I've never experienced anything harder in my life, but reaching the other side of fear has been my greatest achievement to date.”

Yes Man has received serious acclaim. Phil Hoad of The Guardian, was particularly impressed by the 'heightened introspection' of the film’s direction, commenting 'Glenn-Barbour approaches it [the film's subject] with a nervy sensitivity behind the camera that makes a positive of the film’s rough edges'.

The performance of the lead actor, Kieton Saunders-Browne, was also singled out as 'astute, sullen and all too convincing'.

Daniel has now been inspired to create a limited series called “Ain’t Hidin Nuttin”, which aims to genuinely reflect life in London and inspire a younger generation.

Yes Man film poster with 3 men sat, one looking into camera. Overlaid is the movie title card

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