Enhancing diverse student experiences in London

London Met alumni and students will feature in a webinar with partner organisation Diversity Abroad, discussing what it’s like to live and study in London with diverse identities.

Date: 26 October 2022

London Met is set to showcase Diverse Student Experiences in London as part of a webinar with Diversity Abroad - an organisation which aims to equip the next generation of young people from traditionally marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds with the skills, experiences and networks to thrive. 

Taking place on 27 October, Diverse Student Experiences in London is a unique opportunity to hear directly from a panel of alumni about what it is like to live and study in London with diverse, intersecting identities. 

Participants will hear about how fellow students have navigated the global experience process, from searching for a program, to spending a term or longer in the UK. They will also learn about a variety of resources available for students interested in pursuing a global experience in London.

This follows from London Met’s recent participation at Diversity Abroad’s 2022 Global Inclusion Conference - the only conference solely dedicated to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of global education and cultural exchange.  

The University sponsored conference, and exhibited its mobility and cultural exchange projects. In addition, Director of Student Recruitment and Business Development Jenny Wilkinson spoke on a panel with Norfolk State University’s Torian Lee. 

Each year the Diversity Abroad community gathers for Global Inclusion to tackle the challenges and opportunities diversity, equity and inclusion presents to the field of global education and cultural exchange.

It starts from the premise that global education is a high impact practice that contributes to academic success, interpersonal growth and career readiness. As such, all students and young people deserve equitable access to the benefits that global education and cultural exchange can afford.

With an increasingly diverse student population enrolled in education systems, it is imperative that educators and administrators continue to strengthen their skills, knowledge and competencies in diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure that global education is not only accessible, but designed to support all students.

This year marked the tenth anniversary of the innovative conference.