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Henry Heming, a Radio Licensing Specialist, recently visited his alma mater to offer an insight into his career to Aviation Management students.

Date: 9 March 2018

Henry Heming, Radio Licensing Specialist for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), recently visited the Guildhall School of Business and Law to share his knowledge and expertise with the London Met Students’ Union’s aviation society.

Henry, who studied Airline, Airport and Aviation Management BSc at London Met, currently works at the CAA where his responsibilities include ensuring that all radio signals are received and that communication is kept consistent within airports.

“The most interesting aspect of the talk for me was hearing what the future held in terms of vocal radio communication between Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the pilots,” said Yosef Taylor, a first year Airline, Airport and Aviation Management BSc student at London Met and President of the Aviation Society.

“Henry said that the industry is leaning towards non vocal commands sent to the plane from the ground such as clearance to change flight levels. Currently the pilots contact ATC verbally and request a change in flight level, however in the future the information will be communicated via screens within the cockpit.”

Held in February 2018, the talk was open to all students from across the University who have an interest in aviation.

Nick Coleman, course leader of Airline, Airport and Aviation Management BSc, said: “We are always delighted to have former students return to explain their career developments and Henry Heming is just a classic example of somebody who loves everything to do with aviation and is following his love by working for the Civil Aviation Authority so that he can make a difference for the benefit of all of us who fly!”

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