Tricks of the trade

London Met alumnus Jegor Tokarevich delivers lunchtime seminar to accounting and finance students.

Date: 17/02/2016

Jegor Tokarevich, who graduated from London Met with a merit in MSc Financial Risk Management, returned to the University to deliver a lunch and learn seminar on "Alternative Investments & Financial Institutional Investors".
In addition to his role as the managing director of his own consultancy company Substance Over Form Ltd, Jegor delivers lectures and seminars across Europe. He linked his latest seminar to real-life roles, leaving our Accounting and Finance students inspired. 
Before he left we asked Jegor if he had any tips for students. He said: "In my opinion it is extremely important to gather relevant professional experience when you graduate in the field of financial services and business. First students learn the application of the theoretical concepts in the real world. Second, students get first impressions about the various existing areas and job profiles and can better understand which one may suit their interests and aims. Third, students obtain invaluable experience during on-the-job training."
Jegor was keen to share his experience with us at London Met, saying "I'm glad that I have obtained an internationally recognised degree with valuable contents next to my full-time job. I was able to apply theoretical concepts to real life situations."
Jegor Tokarevich