Think First Before You Write

A London Met Senior Lecturer presented two papers in an international conference in South Africa.

Date: 27 January 2017

Charalampia Sidiropoulou, who is the Course Leader of the distance learning MA Early Childhood Studies and teaches on the BA Early Childhood Studies, was present at the eighth international conference on Multimodality (8ICOM) which took place in Cape Town last December.

Speaking about her participation in the conference, Hara Sidiropoulou said: “Multimodality and social semiotics is a theoretical frame I use in both my teaching and research. At the conference I presented two papers. The first paper drew on the findings of my PhD research and was entitled: 'Think first before you write': A multimodal view of teachers' feedback on student texts.”

“The second paper was co-authored with Deb Albon, a colleague who worked in the early childhood team until last summer, and drew on a module that we co-taught on our BA Early Childhood Studies programme, which explores how young children and childhood are socially constructed across a range of multimodal representations.”

The conference, which invited a diverse range of topics from various disciplinary fields including Education, Applied Linguistics, Film and Media, Art and Engineering, was attended by scholars from all over the world, and featured a range of key-note speakers from educational establishments, in both Africa and the UK.

Image of a lecture