Theatre Practice Lecturer collaborates on three projects linked to 'disability aesthetics'

Date: 7.11.2013

Christopher Holt, Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Practice, will be working with three accessible companies on their new shows in the coming months.  
All companies have very different access requirements and feed well into his ongoing research of Disability Aesthetics, whilst also representing excellent partnership opportunities for the Theatre and Performance Practice degree:  
The first is Graeae's new production of The Threepenny Opera for which he will be working as a Voice and Acting coach for this upcoming production by Europe's leading disabled-led theatre company.
The second is Fingersmith: a company specifically created to address the issue of making theatre for the Deaf, involving innovative techniques and conventions to highlight and foreground the language of BSL with a company of Deaf and Sensory Impaired performers.
And third, the company of Face Front Inclusive Theatre will be presenting a musical, cast from the Learning Difficulties community and touring the country next year.  Christopher will also be working with this company on Vocal Production and Dramatic Singing.