The Loop: student voice and co-production in action

The publication from the Department of Social Work's staff and students releases its fourth edition.

Date: 15 December 2021

London Met's Social Work students and staff have produced their fourth termly edition of The Loop , a publication made entirely in co-production with students. 

This newsletter is widely circulated amongst students, colleagues and external partner agencies to share developments and initiatives in the social work department as well as the views and interests of our students.

Closely aligned with London Met's Education for Social Justice Framework, the development and support of this publication helps build a sense of belonging, confidence, emotional resilience and self exploration.

Georgiana Ndlovu, second-year Social Work MSc student and co-editor of the publication said, "I was excited to join London Met's Social Work MSc since it is respected and has surpassed other universities in London with its student satisfaction ratings. I really admire and respect the lecturers and think the course is dynamic and challenging in a good way. I would recommend London Met to any budding social worker!

"When the opportunity arose to write for The Loop and work with Donna Jones, Head of Social Work and peers as a co-editor, I jumped at the chance. As an ex-journalist, I respected the impressive design and high-quality writing. Packed with interesting features as well as insightful information that keeps students and professionals updated on the latest news from the social work school I wanted to be a part of it.

"I have now written four pieces for The Loop and look forward to my next submissions in the new year which I have already begun excitedly working on.

"Working for The Loop has given me a chance to engage in social work-related conversations with my peers as well as lecturers and will be a great boost to my CV. I will certainly be proudly showing off my work on The Loop in my future social work interviews!"

Alongside Georgiana, the other co-editors were Jennifer Shaw, BSc final year student; Dawn Shanghano, BSc final year student; and Donna Jones, Head of Social Work. 

Donna Jones said, "The fourth termly edition of The Loop has surpassed itself - it's been a blast! The editorial meetings encourage robust conversations around decolonising the curriculum and strengthen staff-student relationships, creating a safe space to explore - well anything really. There is nothing that is off the table, which is the beauty of working on this publication together.

"The Loop is a real highlight and a privilege to work with our students as creative, engaged and confident colleagues."


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