The Cass’s Head of Visual Communications to imagine Southampton in the future

Susanna Edwards has been asked to use her expertise to visualise what Southampton will be like in 2117.

Date: 15 November 2017

Susanna Edwards has been invited to be a Facilitator at a workshop that aims to visualise what Southampton will be like in 2117.

Head of Visual Communications at The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, Susanna Edwards, has been invited to be a Facilitator at an exciting workshop that aims to visualise the Southampton of 2117. The workshop, entitled Southampton: 2117 Speculative Futures will take place, naturally, in Southampton on Sunday 19 November.

This exciting workshop will include presentations about speculative architecture, sci-fi and the concept of future, followed by a discussion regarding these themes and how to approach the future of a city. Explored from the viewpoint of multiple disciplines and in the context of the area surrounding Southampton’s K6 Gallery, the workshop outcomes will contribute towards an exhibition in the K6 Gallery launching in early December 2017.

The Cass’s Susanna Edwards works in the realm of visual communication, as researcher, illustrator, and educator. Known best for her approach to the teaching and practice of design and illustration, spanning traditional craft and digital approaches to visual communication using 2D and 3D processes such as photography, typography, print making, moving image and laser cutting. Research and practice has a particular interest in working with archives and using Illustration and action research as a tool for communication and engagement and field techniques for collecting and organising data through storytelling. Susanna has worked for many high profile clients, judged international design awards and presented work at international conferences.