State Street Bank Team Challenge

Banking and Finance students take part in a range of challenges to prepare them for the world work.

Date: 11/12/2014

London Guildhall Faculty of Business & Law second year Banking & Finance students took part in a challenging and exciting team challenge facilitated by Mr David Nevill, Assistant Vice President at State Street Bank Global Services, Mr Dermot O' Brien, CEO of the Adab Trust, and Ron Cambridge, Guildhall banking and finance course leader.

The group participated in an exciting and stimulating team challenge with eight teams completing many assignments and tasks within a short period. This was only possible through excellent teamwork and careful planning. Each task carried points and the final score was very high and it was extremely tight at the top, with only five points between the fourth, third, second and first place. The five members of the winning team each received prizes of £20 Amazon vouchers and a goody-bag with some London Metropolitan University memorabilia and chocolate.

This challenge not only contributed to student success whilst in university but also prepared students to become business savvy graduates after graduation and when seeking employment within the banking and the financial services industry. Our students gave fantastic positive feedback and rendered this challenge a fun and valuable experience.


The students in the winning challenge team