seedS pod returns home

Innovative therapy space designed by Cass alumnus to stay at The Cass until autumn 2020

Date: 18 October 2019

seedS, an innovative mobile therapy space designed by Professional Diploma in Architecture alumnus Karl Lenton, has returned to The Cass following an epic journey around the country.

Originally conceived as a mobile therapy space to be used in prisons, it is also now providing private, calming space for innovators, place makers, educators and exhibitors. Used by British Land, Universal Records, Accenture, National Trust of Scotland, NHS, and Youth Custody Services to name but a few.

Karl began developing seedS for his final-year project in the renowned Free Unit run by Professor Robert Mull at The Cass. The design is RIBA nominated for its innovation. It measures 2.4 meters in diameter and comprises eight modular pieces that can be assembled in less than 30 minutes. The design and feel contrasts the institutional interior of prisons and provides a space where inmates can "escape" the physical constraints of their surroundings and engage in treatment and change.

Once assembled seedS acts as a small and intimate treatment room, allowing for confidential one-to-ones sessions for up to four people.

Features of seedS include:   

  • Mobile and easy to assemble in any environment.
  • Smooth internal surfaces meet infection control standards.
  • Sound and lighting features which enable healthcare workers to deliver more therapeutic treatments and interventions.
  • Security features ensure privacy and enable healthcare workers to exit safely and quickly if needed

SeedS was developed with SAFE Innovations (SAFE) in partnership with Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust (LCH) and Stage One Creative Services. 

The pod will remain in the atrium at The Cass, Goulston Street, until autumn 2020.

The seedS pod in position at Leeds Prison