The squid revolution has begun

Cass tutors, students and alumni take part in the first instalment of Revoluzione Delle Seppie, a workshop in Calabria, Italy, in collaboration with a local refugee centre.

La Rivoluzione delle Seppie (The Squid Revolution), a unique summer workshop, took place this July in Ex Convento, Belmonte, Calabria surrounded by one of Italy’s most beautiful and inspiring landscapes. 30 participants, including Cass graduates, students, senior academics and a group from the local refugee centre in Amentea, came together as a community for a cultural and skills exchange. 
The workshop set out to explore a collaboration between tutor and student, exploring aspects of the wider Italian and European context and the micro environment surrounding the Ex Convento.

The conversations at the workshops were used to investigate the context through small interventions, drawings, singing and sharing of food, becoming the key forms of communication in the group. The different responses led to a collection of installations under the theme of elogio dell’ozio where little moments of reflection and idleness were isolated from the restless life.

The Squid Revolution didn't end in Calabria. Work initiated during the programme has the potential to be continued by Cass diploma students in 2016–17, and the next Summer Workshop is being planned for 2017. 

For more information visit the La Rivoluzione delle Seppie website.
Photograph: George Sinclair

Art Work: Sara Fratini

A convent in the Italian countryside

Workshop details

Dates 16–23 July 2016
Location Belmonte Calabro, Italy

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