Research insights for MA HRM students

Research methods students gain invaluable information on organisational study’s research techniques

Date: 20/04/2015

Dr Kath Wilson, Reader in Organisational Behaviour at Guildhall Business & Law, gave a guest lecture to MA HRM research methods students on her research project, performance management.

Kath discussed the fact that appraisals are the basis for high-stakes decisions in organisations. Supervisory performance ratings are the most common method of evaluating job performance, yet there is a weak relationship between supervisory performance ratings and other measures of performance. 

She described a study that explored the construct validity of supervisory performance ratings. Using a mixed methods approach, the study explored the relationships among dimensional ratings of performance, overall ratings of performance and supervisors’ written summaries of performance across different groups in a client organisation. 

The focus of her talk was on the research process: problem identification; selection of method and data analysis techniques; findings and outcomes for the client organisation.

Guest Lecture