Recent graduates create striking National Student Survey campaign

Former Visual Communications students hope London Met campaign encourages final year students to give the gift of their experience to other students.

Date: 18 February 2021

Between January and May each year, students across the country are given the chance to share their university experiences by taking part in the National Student Survey (NSS). Results from the NSS play an important role in helping universities to improve the experience for all students.

To help encourage participation in this year’s survey, London Met’s NSS Project Group recruited two recent graduates from the University’s Visual Communications programme, Clara Delcab and Filippo Mantino, to design an attention grabbing multichannel campaign.

With the support of London Met’s Communications and Marketing Teams, Clara and Filippo created an exciting design with a 90s retro feel, which has been very well-received by staff and students. Here they describe, in their own words, how they went about designing this year’s NSS campaign.


When we first talked about the design concept we were really keen to do something very different from previous years. We really want to focus on a concept that would connect with students in 2021, something that would catch the eye and stand out.

In 2020 there was a major trend towards designs and styles from the 1990s. We picked up the 90s vibe and created visuals that echo the ‘bleached t-shirt’ look that has come back into fashion. This unusual look helped us to create something very striking that we hope will resonate with students.


We tried to create something colourful and eye-catching, leaving behind the models and approaches of the past years since we thought they can become “camouflage” among the rest of the campaigns that are happening in the university.

As past students, who both took part in the NSS ourselves, we had a good idea of what might work with students. We researched current trends and came across the 90s aesthetic. We decided to go with it since the colours and layout work perfectly with what we wanted to achieve. The final approach incorporates crazy colour textures with black block text, and we’re really happy with it.

NSS 2021

Both Clara and Filippo completed the NSS in their final year and both believe current final year students should take the survey if they are eligible. "The NSS is about the future,” commented Filippo. “It is a gift that final year students can leave to new students in order to create a better future and experience at London Met.”