Providing safe and clean drinking water for an Indian community

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Providing safe and clean drinking water for an Indian community

London Metropolitan University has helped fund a project with the catering company Chartwells to provide clean and safe drinking water for a community in India.

Date: 9 May 2018

Profits from individual sales of Life Water at London Metropolitan University have been used to fund a permanent drinking water fountain in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The fountain will serve the Cheruvumandrapalle community, which is made up of approximately 1000 people, and will be a way to source and provide safe and clean drinking water, improving the community’s prospects of a brighter and safer future.

Andy Marshall, Commercial Businesses Manager at London Met, said: “Who could have ever thought that by just buying a bottle of Life Water you can help build a fresh water supply for a community in need of clean water?

“At London Metropolitan University, we are really excited that the Cheruvumandrapalle community in India and the people that live there now have access to clean water!”

The project has been organised by Chartwells, London Met’s catering supplier, who work in collaboration with many of their clients to turn profits into drinking water for third world countries. Read more about their other projects.

You can view all the fountain locations provided by London Met’s profits on Google maps.