Pro Green for Green Impact

Find out how Pro Green, and their mascot Winston, have been making a difference.

Date: 24 May 2017

London Met’s student venue The Rocket, alongside the Commercial Business team, have been doing their bit for the inaugural Green Impact scheme. Making sure that everyone uses their own mugs instead of takeaway cups, increasing recycling and cutting back on general waste, and growing plants amongst many other initiatives.

Team Pro Green is made up of Alex Massey, Lauren Tindall, Khris Sankar, Andrew Marshall, James Currington, Annabel Galligan and Kam Knatt. Former colleagues Elena Muntianu and Ina Schimming were also part of the team.

Pro Green have created an unexpected Green Impact star in the form of their trusty mascot Winston (pictured). A bright green llama, Winston has found himself promoting sustainability all over the University and keeping track of his movements in his own blog.

According to Lauren Tindall, Pro Green has found maintaining recycling difficult at times in a busy venue environment. They have overcome these struggles by introducing specialist recycling bins and training all staff (and customers!) about the importance being green.

Along with Winston, Pro Green have grown edible plants to brighten up their office and spice up their lunch, and helped with Green Week events such as an environmentally friendly cocktail menu at the bar, and fair trade wine tasting.

Their advice to anyone who is thinking of participating in Green Impact next year is to be organised and realise the job is never done, but even when you’re busy every little helps!

A statement taken from their blog says, “Green Impact is easy, free, fun and rewarding by making the world a better place.”

Run by the National Union of Students (NUS), Green Impact encourages universities to play a role in helping the environment, either from their workplace or by going outside and helping to bring about environmental change.

London Met will be hosting an internal awards ceremony on 25 May to celebrate the success of staff who have taken part.