Pop-Up Show Series #4

1st year art students are taking part in a collaborative project that involves the curation of a series of pop-up shows.

Date: 8 March 2014

1st year art students are taking part in a collaborative project that involves the curation of a series of pop-up shows, which will be held on the 2nd Floor Boulevard (Turbine Hall) at Central House. Every Tuesday, for seven successive weeks, two groups will be displaying artworks simultaneously. The fourth in the series takes place Tuesday 11th March, 11am-5pm. Everyone is welcome!

Pop-Up Show #4: Tuesday 11th March

Statements from exhibiting groups:

The Lost

lost, adjective
1. no longer possessed or retained: lost friends.
2. no longer to be found: lost articles.
3. having gone astray or missed the way: bewildered as to place, direction, etc: lost children.
4. not used to purpose, as opportunities, time, or labour; wasted: a lost advantge.
5. being something that someone has failed to win: alost prize.

Featuring artworks by: Alison Baptiste, Matthew Gorner, Kim Heywood, Stephen Parkes, Santa Sabule.


Selfies is the first group exhibition from The Collective - an ensemble of contemporary artists who have produced a series of self portraits in a range of styles and media.

Self portraiture has been a mainstay of Western art for centuries, and raise many intriguing question. How do artists express their sense of self through their chosen medium? Are we seeing them as they see themselves, or are we observing a construct? Is the self portrait a window to an inner world, or is it merely the mark the artist chooses to present?

Selfies examines these questions with a diverse range of works that reinvigorate the tradition of the self portrait, dragging it into the 21st century and allowing it to take hold of a new audience.

Featuring artworks by: Teri Anderson, Jake Edey, Sam Eyles, Dan Haycock, Marianna Peltonen, Marianne Pink, Liucija Saltonaite.

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Location: 2nd Floor Boulevard, Central House
Date: Tuesday 11 March 2014, 11am - 5pm




 The Lost

Video installation by Stephen Parkes 

 The Lost

Installation by Matthew Gorner 

 The Lost

Collaboration by Santa Sabule and Kim Heywood 

 The Lost

Paintings by Alison Baptiste 

 The Lost

Mixed media by Santa Sabule 


Collaborative painting by Sam Eyles & Jake Edey (L 


Mixed media by Marianna Peltonen 


Works on paper by Liucija Saltonaite 


3D work by Teri Anderson 


Painting by Dan Haycock