Pop-Up Show Series #1

A series of seven Pop-Up Shows by L4 art students

Date: 6 February 2014

1st year art students are taking part in a collaborative project that involves the curation of a series of pop-up shows, which will be held on the 2nd Floor Boulevard (Turbine Hall) at Central House. Every Tuesday, for seven successive weeks, two groups will be displaying artworks simultaneously. The first in the series takes place on Tuesday 18th February, 2-5pm. Everyone is welcome!

Pop-Up Show #1: Tuesday 18th February

Statements from exhibiting groups:

Studio One 

Studio One is a group of five artists from the 1st year BA at The Cass; coming together from various backgrounds and using different media in their work. All are concentrating on their own personal artistic exploration of issues that matter to them. Although all have different agendas, coming together to exhibit here in this way has uncovered some common threads throughout their work, including the environment and the people and places in it.

Featuring artworks by: Maggie Cleary, Evei Hawes, Edyta Michalska, Konstantin Nikiforovs, Salli Tera.


24 HOURS is a 24-hour exhibition showcasing the work of four individual artists, all studying at The Cass. This pop-up exhibition shows our individual approaches to documentary photography. A mixture of traditional and modern approaches, our work together is a collection of different exploratory styles.

Featuring artworks by: Louis Burrows, Zoe Rushton, Katarina Sobolciakova, Helen Wolstencroft.

Poster for pop up show

News details

Location: 2nd Floor Boulevard, Central House
Date: Tuesday 18 February 2014
Time: 2 - 5pm


Pop-Up Show Series 2

Studio One / 24 HOURS 

 Studio One
Pop-Up Show Series 3

An overview 

 Studio One: 'An artist...'
Pop-Up Show Series 4

Digital photography by Konstantin E Nikiforvs 

 Mixed media by Maggie Cleary (F) and Photography by Edyta Michalska (B)
Pop-Up Show Series 5


 24 HOURS: Welcome to Bowes Park
Pop-Up Show Series6

Photography by Helen Wolstencroft 

 24 HOURS: City series
Pop-Up Show Series7

Photography by Katarina Sobolciakova