Politics and International Relations Courses Excel in National Student Survey Results

Date: 24/09/14

Courses in Politics and International Relations at London Metropolitan University have again achieved outstanding results in the 2014 National Student Survey (NSS).

The survey records levels of student satisfaction with all aspects of teaching, learning, resources and student support. All of the courses achieved over the sector average (i.e. the average score in universities across the country) of 86%, and in four cases, over 90%. The results are: Politics: 94%; International Relations: 93%; International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies: 93%; International Development: 93%; International Relations and Politics: 88%.

Overall satisfaction rates for subjects in the area were remarkably high. The statistics for student satisfaction in Politics and International Relations in the University show students are extremely satisfied with the teaching, feedback, support and resources on their chosen courses.

Comments from students surveyed include:

“Outstanding, approachable, knowledgeable teaching staff.”

“The course is interesting, informative and offers the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and broaden my vision.”

“Engaging tutors. Exciting modules.”

“Interesting multicultural learning environment. Fair treatment for all students.”

“My teachers are very enthusiastic about their work and they are good at motivating the class. They are also impressively intelligent and make the course intellectually stimulating.”

“The modules I took had a brilliant coverage of both traditional theory of politics and international affairs as well as of modern examples and recent events.”

“Staff really enthusiastic and helpful. Course has been interesting and rewarding with assessment arrangements communicated clearly.”

Commenting on the excellent survey results, Head of Politics and International Relations at London Metropolitan University, Dr. Dermot McCann said, “We are extremely pleased by the outstanding results that have been given to us by our students in this highly respected national survey. They demonstrate the relationship between student satisfaction and our strong community of politics and international relations scholars, the excellent work of our student academic advisers, and the regular reviews we conduct of course and module contents.

"The results and student comments speak of the enthusiasm, expertise and above all the commitment to students shown by our full and part-time staff. This in turn is reflected in the quality of the graduates we produce year after year. “


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