Photographic Experiments

 Becky Probert
Image 1 and 2

#1 (L) and #2 (R) 

 David Pereira
Object 4 (L) and Object 11 (R)

Object 4 (L) and Object 11 (R) 

Photographic Experiments

The latest exhibition in The Cass Foyer Gallery features new work by postgraduate photography students.

Experimental work in progress by two students on the MA Photography at The Cass is on display in the Foyer Gallery until 4 March. Both students have produced abstract photographic images through very different approaches and methods.

Artists statements

David Pereira
MA Photography
Works of Chance
The photograms series exhibited at The Cass inhabit the tension between control and chance having each series a unique apparatus for the emergence of the possible. Photograms are done in the analogue darkroom with no use of a camera; instead, only the fundamentals of image creation are taken into consideration: light and photographic paper. From that reduced basis for creating images, chance as a key compositional principle opens the opportunity of exploring in its entirety light as the medium used and colour as the subject.

Becky Probert
MA Photography

My interest in photography began as a child when the camera and pictures were precious objects within my family home. I’ve used the camera throughout my studies in design as a tool, never losing the fascination, eventually leading to my decision to study it further.

With the absence of any previous formal training in the medium, I began by experimenting with the technical aspects of digital photography in order to increase my confidence, which included exploring the possibilities offered by different lenses. Using a macro lens to study details of ordinary objects within my home, I found that by getting close the camera was unlocking strange and wonderful things previously unperceived by my natural vision.

These images are part of an ongoing work in progress, manipulating lighting and scale to explore the concepts of transformation, perception and the idea of ‘reality’ within the photographic frame.


News details

Dates Until Saturday 4 March 2017
Location The Cass Foyer Gallery
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