Past present and future

Aviation Management students visit British Airways (BA) past, present and future.

Date: 3/11/2015

Last week members of the Aviation Society were invited to the British Airways Heritage Centre. The Heritage Centre holds a number of priceless historic memorabilia, an extensive archive of documents and other artefacts that record British Airways' history from the early stages of its formation. The centre also encompasses artifacts of historic significance from BA's predecessors, BOAC, BEA as well as Imperial Airways and British South American Airways.
The students then went on to visit British Airways’ headquarters at Waterside, where they attended an interesting presentation about the aviation history and how it has evolved from a service only available to the high and wealthy of society to a service that is accessible to all and plays a key part in our daily lives. 
Our lucky students had a chance to have a sneaky peek to try and explore the different seat services available including the all new first class suites that are due to be launched on BA's new 787-9 Dreamliner services. The trip ended on a high with an invitation to the graduation ceremony of a new cohort of British Airways' cabin crew. Students had the opportunity to ask the new cabin crew questions, although there was a sense of jealousy in the air as the new cabin crew were flying away to holiday destinations the following week!
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