Cass academics feature In Residence

Cass academics' work features in exhibition for Oslo Architecture Triennale.

Work by Nabil Ahmed and Damaso Randulfe, who teach at The Cass, features in the exhibition In Residence as part of the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale. 

The exhibition features their intervention strategy Nature, Labour, Land: A Public Spatial Archive as part of  the Kirkenes project, 1 of 10 sites explored by In Residence.
In Residence invites the audience to explore these 10 sites, which encapsulate the contemporary transformation of belonging. Each site is presented through texts and materials selected by the curatorial team: reports commissioned to a group of architects, artists, journalists, and other professionals, and a series of intervention strategies.
These intervention strategies speculate on the architectures associated to the particularities of each site and have the ambition of questioning contemporary modes of practice. Developed throughout a year after their selection through an international call, they range from spatial strategies, typological variations and material prototypes to digital platforms and legal propositions, among many others. They're being developed as built structures, 1:1 tests, scale models, and representations for public debate. Through this multiplicity of materials, each site is presented as as unstable node submitted to ongoing alterations and redefinitions.
This exhibition is one of the Triennale’s two main exhibitions and it is completed by the On Residence exhibition at the Norwegian Centre for Design.
Work arranged in a circular table display for oslo exhibition

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