Nostalgia Is Not Enough

OPENING EXTENDED: Photography exhibition in Cass Foyer Gallery for Women's History Month features recently recovered images of The Brady Girls Club.

Nostalgia is not Enough is an exhibition in The Cass Foyer Gallery for Women's History Month 2017. It represents a selection of images from a recently recovered collection of images from The Brady Club, now deposited in the East End Archive at The Cass. 

The exhibition is extracted from a recent donation to the East End Archive by Hannah Charlton, former editor of the Sunday Times. She recounts what she remembers of their history:
"In 1979 I was a freelance music journalist and writer. I did some projects at what was then the Greater London Authority's ILEA [Inner London Education Authority] at Highbury Corner. This was a resource centre for the London schools producing materials of all sorts. One of the projects I worked on was called MARCHES - a book looking at both the anti-fascist marches in London's east end in the 1930s and the anti-racist marches taking place in London in the 1970s. 

As part of researching images for the book I went to the Museum of Labour History at Limehouse which was an extraordinary archive of material. I made several trips there and learned that they were going to have to move and couldn't store everything. I had been researching some other projects on music and young people and I offered to take these pictures to try and use them in some way or another. 

Later on when I was working as an editor at the Sunday Times I showed them to Ian Denning who has been an art director, photography book designer and specialist in photography archives for several decades. Between us we decided to hold on to the images and hope that in due course the right project would come up to be able to use the. Last year, Ian who had stored them, came to me and asked me to take them back. With the help of Zelda Cheatle I was introduced to you - and the pictures can finally come back home to where they belong." 
The Brady Boys' Club was the first Jewish boys' club in Great Britain.  Founded in 1896 by philanthropists, Lady Charlotte Rothschild, Mrs Arthur Franklin and Mrs N S Joseph, it originally provided underprivileged boys from the East End with recreational and educational opportunities as well as the chance to go on holiday to a summer camp. The Girls' Club was founded in 1921 by Miriam Moses and is the focus of the exhibition, Nostalgia is Not Enough is curated by Reader in Photography Susan Andrews and photography students Matt Cotsell, Elisabetta de Guio, Laila Halilova, Louis Hull and Zsofia Varga. 
Due to popularity the exhibition run has been extended to the 21 April, but please note the University is closed for Easter break from 13-17 April inclusive.
black and white image of four  girls on a wall

Cass Foyer Gallery
Central House

Dates 8 March – 21 April 2017
Private View 9 March 5pm-8pm
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