New industrial relations book co-edited by London Met researcher

Dr Sylvie Contrepois, reader in European employment relations, co-edited a book on trade unions and social dialogue in 15 countries.

A new book focusing on trade unions and social dialogue in 15 countries including Europe and North America, and co-edited by Dr Sylvie Contrepois (reader in European employment relations at London Met), has recently been published.

Dr Sylvie Contrepois co-edited the book with Professor Dominique Andolfatto from the University of Bourgogne, France. Published in French by PIE Peter Lang, Syndicats et dialogue social. Les modèles occidentaux à l’épreuve is composed of 15 chapters presenting national situations in Europe and North America and examines the main changes that affected trade unions and social dialogue over the 20 last years.

The introduction and conclusion question the relevance of different models elaborated during the 1980s and draw on trade union strategies in a context of Europeanisation and globalisation.

For more information, please email Sylvie Contrepois.

The book is available to buy from PIE Peter Lang publishers.