New approaches to animation explored by London Met lecturer

The practical guide hopes to encourage a more versatile approach to animation practice and features a cover image by Cass alumna, April Slocombe.

Date: 8 September

Animation in Context’, is an illustrated introduction to cultural theory, contextual research and critical analysis by Mark Collington, Senior Lecturer at The Cass.

The book, due to be published 8 September, aims to empower animators and practitioners from a range of disciplines, with the confidence and enthusiasm to engage with theory as a fun, integral, and applied part of the creative process.

It features a range of student case studies from The Cass, including several live projects for the Museum of London, Geffrye Museum of the Home, Suspense Adult Puppet Festival and Aduna.

Mark Collington, who joined London Met in 2013, explains that he was attracted to the Cass by its unique provision in the Art & Design sector: 

"The book in many ways is a celebration of the making culture in The Cass, as well its unique and invaluable resource - the Projects Office. The Projects Office enables courses to embed professional experience across the entire curriculum, as well as open up cross-course collaboration underpinned by a solid critical and contextual studies curriculum, which broadens the employment potential of graduates."

The cover design of Animation in Context features work from Cass alumna, April Slocombe. Her latest project, The Five Senses of Asperger Syndrome, will be on display at the Cass MA show - which runs 14 to 17 September, opening with a private viewing on the evening of 13 September.